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handball official rules

The size and weight of balls to be used for Mini- Handball are not regulated . 3a, and in the case of a team official under Rules , b, d and c. Floor Regulations · Handball - Changes to the Rules of the Game Overview · Handball - Current editorial changes and additions to IHF Rules of the Game. Team Handball Basic Rules. The Basics. The Playing Court: The court measures 20 meters (65' 7") by 40 meters (' 3"). The court is larger than a basketball.

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Man utd transfers this summer Finding Out More Information About The Official Rules Of Team Handball: Players can advance the ball by throwing it from player to player down the court. Handball - Rules of the Game. A player can dad n me with the ball, but must stop every three steps and not move for three seconds before they are allowed to take three more steps. Actions directed mainly at the opponent and not the ball such as reaching around, holding, pushing, tripping, and jumping into opponent as well as contact from the side, from behind a player or impeding the opponent's counterattack are all considered illegal and are subject to penalty. The rules are laid out in the IHF's set of rules.

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Part of Summer Olympic programme in For youths the length of the halves is reduced—25 minutes at ages 12 to 15, and 20 minutes at ages 8 to 11; though national federations of some countries may differ in their implementation from the official guidelines. The rules are laid out in the IHF's set of rules. The goal posts and the crossbar must be made out of the same material e. Site information Copyright Disclaimer Privacy statement Contact us.


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